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Bianca 24 days ago


We eat here almost every week. We love the place so much that we even had our rehearsal dinner here. Everyone loved the food and some of our guests come here all the time now as well. The food is amazing, great service, really good value for your money. I love the chicken and waffles, best one I've tried. I can eat their Swedish pancakes every day. This is my go-to spot definitely.

Gold about 1 month ago


I used to "enjoy" going to Denny's or iHOP and getting a classic American breakfast. Then I came here. Oh my gosh it's insane. This place is the world's best pancake house! I love the banana pancakes more than anything. I'd honestly eat them everyday if i could. Every morning they stack butter cups like TWO FEET HIGH thats how many people love this place. Service is quick and I love the cute diner atmosphere. My boyfriend gets the chili omelet which 1. is amazing, and 2. is the hugest thing I've ever seen?!? Hands down best breakfast place, everyone needs to try it once (you'll be back) :)

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Cobb Salad

Tasty chicken on this salad. Very satisfying dish.

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Hash Browns

Best hashbrowns on the peninsula! Crispy on the top, great potato flavor.

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Vegetarian Omelet

Tried this for the first time yesterday. An assortment of fresh, crisp (but not too crisp) veggies in a thin (not too thick, NOT rubbery) omelette. A thing of beauty.

Mcarter about 1 month ago


Such a nice option to have fruit in your combo.

Mcarter about 1 month ago


Love that you can get toast OR pancakes OR biscuits and gravy. (Though how anyone can resist MPH's pancakes I haven't a clue.)

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Three Pigs in A Blanket

The perfect food. Pancakes are a food group, right?

Rekstrand423 about 2 months ago

Veggie Scramble

I ordered the veggie scramble with cottage cheese instead of pancakes and had a delicious, healthy meal with my family. I love that whenever I come here I can always find low carb substitutes for my favorite dishes. The service is excellent and the ambiance is nice as well :)

Wattcop 2 months ago

Fried Chicken

This place has been popular for many years. I always get a great meal here. I really like their fried chicken.

Lekili78 2 months ago


I know everyone is usually all about 'thick/fluffy' waffles...but this made me float back to my childhood, sitting in my grandma's kitchen. The waffle was PERFECTION! and the bacon was on point! If you are a true 'old school' waffle lover, this is a MUST have!

Abrahamdennis 3 months ago


Excellent. Awesome prices. Food cooked with great quality and much love. Would definitely recommend.

Aedmond 3 months ago


YUMMY - so delicious!!! Best thing I have ever eaten!!

Maxfberry 3 months ago


My favorite breakfast spot to visit to this day, I make a point of coming here every time I visit home. Service is always quick, no matter how packed the restaurant is. Strawberry pancakes are my go-to.

Kvallansmarketing 4 months ago


The chocolate chip pancakes at the Millbrae Pancake house are top of the line regardless of your age:) I remember eating them when I was just 10 years old and now 13 years later, I'm still ordering them!

Trinity620332 4 months ago


Love love this place. Swedish pancakes are the bomb!!

Torynelson12 5 months ago


THE BEST pancakes EVER! Consistency is key and Millbrae Pancake House never dissapoints. A favorite of mine that even after relocating to the East Bay I still make the occasional trip back across the Bay for breakfast because it's so worth it!

Selenatorbella 27 days ago

Chili Omelet

I've been to a bunch of breakfast places before, however, Millbrae Pancake House is by far the best! It feels like home. The omelet is one of my favorite dishes, but I also enjoy the classic burger.

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Grilled Pork Chops

This dish made me so happy. Reminded me of the pork chop dinners my grandma used to make (with more tender pork chops--sorry Grandma!)

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Bowl of Fresh Fruit

My husband orders a side of fruit with his meal every time we come. No canned fruit cocktail at MBH!

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Mushroom Omelet

Love the simplicity of this omelette, when you're in the mood for something on the lighter side.

Mcarter about 1 month ago

California Omelet

This omelette is the bomb, what a combination of tastes and textures. Perfect.

Mcarter about 1 month ago


I second the previous reviewer! So happy to know where I can go for sweet, thin, crispy waffles: THESE are waffles, not those thick spongy things.

Mcarter about 1 month ago


Crunchy waffle and sweet sweet blueberries. Add a couple links of sausage and some bacon and--Bob's yer uncle!

Mcarter about 1 month ago

Golden Brown Waffle

Love these thin, crispy waffles! Enough of the fat doughy Belgian waffles you get everywhere these days! I get blueberries on them, add some bacon, an egg or two--so delish.

Judy about 2 months ago


I have been going here for years. First with my parents and then every Sunday with my husband. Although I currently live in Arizona I dream of the Millbrae Pancake House and found it difficult to chose 1 item off an amazing breakfast menu. When you come on Sunday it looks like a long wait, but they seat you and serve you lightening fast. The Eggs Benedict, Spanish Omelet, and Swedish Pancakes are my top three. And lets not forget the whipped butter. If there is one place that I miss from my life in San Francisco, it's the Millbrae Pancake House.

T 2 months ago

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

This is our all time favorite breakfast place, as we have been coming here for so many years! We can always count on the food consistently being tasty, hitting the right spot in my stomach! This family friendly establishment is met with attentive staff, food that satisfies the cravings, and quick turn around in tables making the wait so worth it! Cheers to many decades here serving our local community! My husband is picking up food from here as we speak.

Ravelox 3 months ago


I absolutely love this dish...I ask for the whipped cream on the side so that I can dip my apple pancakes into it. Honestly, I also love the Vegetarian California Omelet. the Californian Omelet and the Chocolate Pancakes too. I love how friendly the staff are, so warm and welcoming, service is fast and always tastes fantastic, and the Millbrae Pancake House has a nice homey vibe. This is the one place we absolutely always promise to bring our friends and family to when they are visiting from overseas (they actually request to come here, because they've either heard from us how good it is or we've already brought them here and they ask to come back again!)

Youleek 3 months ago

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs

So delicious! The best chicken fried steak. Very generous portions.

Jemmanaois 3 months ago

Bacon or Sausage & Eggs

We went here because of the gift card I received and to my surprise it feels home when you're there. The staff are so friendly and accomodating. The foods are great! My kids finished their pancakes and already planning to come back, and that's why we're coming back this Sunday to celebrate my son's 13th birthday.

Mmcquestion 3 months ago


We LOVED this place. Great service and awesome food. We're not pancake eaters but we couldn't resist ordering them. It was the best decision ever. I can't wait to eat here again. I think about these pancakes all the time.

Mila11278 4 months ago


Simple dish but awesome breakfast I will keep coming back, service excellent, need I say more 😍

Arguello682 4 months ago

Millbrae Burger

I've been coming here my entire life! Literally! But...I've always gotten breakfast, so I had no idea what great burgers MPH had. I'm not a fancy burger type person, so the Millbrae burger was perfect. You have choice, but I need fries with my burger and I love a good steak fry. These are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The tough thing for me is that now I have to decide if I want a burger or pancakes - life is hard. Except for when I order pancakes on the side!

Jessica142434 5 months ago


I love special #1- can't go wrong with classic fluffy pancakes, savory bacon, and some sunny side eggs. Go for a hike or surf at nearby Rockaway Beach for the perfect weekend morning!


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